The greatness of sports

Oftentimes sports and intellectual pursuits don't go to the same parties and feel a bit wary of each other. I think they're both wonderful parts of life and everyone should do both.

Everyone who has played sports in a friendly environment knows that they are fun and good for you. I would extend that to any type of physical activity, so I think we've covered pretty much everyone. What is sometimes overlooked is the way sports bring people together and provide a source of cohesion on a societal and even world level. The Olympics. Soccer/Football. And all the sports played on the national levels. The Olympics and the World Cup are two of the only experiences that are shared by everyone in the world. And the same function is provided by other sports on the national level. A shared experience across the lines of all other allegiances. Respect for people on the other side of whatever border because they embody excellence and human virtues of discipline, fair play and mutual respect. Much attention is understandably paid to the downsides of the businesses that high-level sports are, but in spite of the incursion of greed and corruption, their ability to bind us together as humans is invaluable.

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