• Ryan James Carlson

Why is the US coronavirus response so bad?

It's an interesting moment to look around the world because so many countries are facing almost the same situation with the coronavirus. It shows that everything we are experiencing is the result of choices. Most, if not all, countries are doing better. Why?

It's not a lack of resources. The US is rich enough and has enough expertise to do this professionally. The reason is Trump and Republicans looking after their tribe at the expense of everyone else. Any effective response would require spending resources for the benefit of poor people and would raise questions about why the country doesn't distribute its resources more equitably all the time. So they have opted, day after day, to act in the interest of preserving the structure of how things were before so that no one comes out of this moment – this moment that belongs to all of our lives equally – with different expectations or thoughts in our heads. That is more important to them than saving lives. That is why we are not protected, yet kept in a state of fear for our livelihoods even above our lives – look at us fools, we are clamoring for the shit we had before this! Even fighting each other over it, while they get their desired outcome and we are none the wiser.

Meanwhile there is a $135 billion provision in the CARES Act that benefits only people who make more than $500,000 (to name one example).

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