• Ryan James Carlson

Trump, stay out of it

Trump – stay out of it. People like you are the reason for these problems and your last-century solution of reimposing the smiles-for-whites-batons-for-blacks social order that led to this is no solution at all. Fuck off. Minnesota will handle this better than you ever could because most of the people there are better people than you and because it seems like Minnesota society is finally ready to wake up and understand what's wrong and try to fix it. Shove your old trick of equating the hooligans who are always ready to exploit mayhem with the people whose rage they used – the anger had a reason, and our real leaders understand that. Treating this like the crime without seeing the crimes that made this inevitable in the first place is just the same old shit that led to this and will lead to it again, with years and decades of more injustice in the meantime.

We know you don't care about George Floyd – you called Colin Kaepernick a son-of-a-bitch for protesting exactly this. And while it wasn't your flabby knee on George Floyd's neck, your words and the attitude you celebrate infected the scene and you are guilty. Your words of calling Kaepernick a son-of-a-bitch, your “very fine” Nazis in Charlottesville, your telling cops to rough up suspects and on and on – everything you've said that nods approval to our modern Jim Crow society in which white privileges and racism are whitewashed by criminalizing blackness, by making crimes out of "doing while black" what whites can do unnoticed and then projecting moral responsibility onto black people for the consequences of being criminalized, and all the hatred you've stoked between the sides in this country and all the assurance you've given to macho racist assholes that you are on their side, using the pregnant word “THUG” that sums up the whole phony paradigm of white goodness and black badness that justifies injustice ...

... All of that was in the back of the mind of Derek Chauvin as he drove his knee into George Floyd's neck for minutes while people around were pleading with him to stop. Everything you've done tells this guy: The president is on my side. I am fighting for US. The black woman confronting me is my enemy, she wants to take me down. The people begging me to stop are wimps and politically correct pansies. Takers who don't recognize that I am what makes society good. Enemies. Giving in to them is weakness and wrong. Trump and the other people on my team will look at me as a weakling if I give in to the pleas of these enemies. The guy under my knee is a lowlife criminal. The people I respect applaud roughing them up. And on and on.

We all know from our own personal experience that this kind of shit, this disgusting bullying peer pressure and sense of us vs. them and the belief that what you are doing is supported by those you respect and that those who are appealing to you or criticizing you are your enemies or have some ulterior motive can influence a person or at least make it harder to do what's right – and you, TRUMP, have given license to and twisted the arm of every macho asshole in the country keep this foul shit going. Just fuck off already and let better people handle this. You're no good for anyone or anything.

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