• Ryan James Carlson

Trump’s economy was a fraud even before he tanked it

Aside from his inhumanity, it's baffling that people think Trump is good at the economy – or was, before tanking it through incompetence and selfishness. Trump's so-called “greatest economy the world has ever seen” just continued the same growth rates of the Obama years while pumping 2 trillion bucks of tax stimulus (that we will pay for later) into the economy. How is achieving the same performance as before, but now using steroids instead of earning it on fundamentals, good? And what is this “greatest ever” anyway? It's like the guy who put the final brick on a skyscraper saying he built the tallest building in the world. He is captaining a ship that was already going in the same direction – is it some sort of achievement that the ship's momentum has carried it further than it was one minute ago? That's true every minute without even doing anything. What is good about growth that is not sustainable over time? If you achieve a boost by doing something, like a tax cut, that you can't repeatedly do and which costs you at some other spot on the map, what have you achieved other than a momentary windfall? Even if you think the tax cut was a good idea just then, you can't extrapolate from that to conclude that doing the same thing next month is a smart plan. But what other plan does he have? His only plan is more tax cuts, fewer rules that protect people and the world we live in but cost companies some fraction of their massive profits, and trade wars that seek short-term gains at the expense of long-term relationships. Making people – even many who don't like or support him – believe that he is good at the economy is truly his greatest accomplishment. In reality he has just pumped a bit of cash into people's pockets that will be paid for later. He is a total fraud but he sells it with great authenticity because he doesn't understand it himself. His whole life has been a pyramid scheme in which he doesn't pay the price for his previous fraud and mismanagement because he is always convincing new marks to cover his past fraud and mismanagement while skimming off the top to make himself rich. But unlike an intelligent fraudster, he really thinks he is smart by doing that without realizing that it does not produce anything of value. He thinks it's free money that only he was smart enough to figure out. It only works because other people actually produce value for him to grab. His “success” is in letting a portion of the electorate skim with him, knowing that responsible people in his wake will, out of necessity, cover the losses. And they will, because they will have to, and that will be his win and a win for the people he let join him in skimming. But for everyone who's either not skimming or doesn't think that's right or a sustainable way to manage any kind of economy, let's finally admit that this is not successful at all. It's a scam that damages long-term viability. And to take on that damage just to achieve the same growth that Obama did? What a joke. He should be considered a total fraud who harmed the economy long-term, not someone for whom it was their great redeeming forte that covered a multitude of other sins. p.s. The rich self-appointed experts who favor Trumpism are making the same calculation as him, except with the awareness that it is a scam. They like him even though they know that what he is doing is unsustainable and doesn't actually produce value because they want to have as much money as possible shoveled into their pockets before the next round of responsible leaders goes back to putting the country on a course of sustainably generating value. This is not leadership or even management – it is actually parasitic in nature.

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