• Ryan James Carlson

Trump moonlighting as spokesman for coronavirus

We have met the moment and prevailed.” – Trump

Trump has apparently taken on a side hustle as a spokesman for the coronavirus.

In his other, less successful, role as President of the United States of America, this would have to rank as one of the most ludicrous political statements ever uttered. In what universe is 81,000 deaths and counting anything but a disaster? That's almost 30% of all covid-19 deaths worldwide with 5% of the population and some of the best capabilities (if used). His historic failure to protect life is the reason for the magnitude of the economic catastrophe too – yet even now he refuses to do anything real to fix either problem. It's more convenient to ask us to sacrifice our lives without the testing and precautions he takes for himself. I hope everyone who has believed Trump's lies about the dangers notices that he has mandated masks for all White House staff and tests himself and everyone around him every day.

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