• Ryan James Carlson

Trump has nothing to offer in a 2nd term

Even before the virus changed everything, what did Trump have to offer in a 2nd term? Even for people who like him. He can hardly do another big tax cut. The only trick he has left to sugar-charge the economy (mainly the stock market) is de-regulation. You want a guy who already blew his tax-cut powder and the only thing he's got left is to juice markets by making it easier to pollute and exploit workers? That's not even production, it's just extraction of finite resources till the people and planet rebel. What's the upside?

His first term had already put us in a re-building situation – covered up by short-term money-pumping that made people feel rich but for which the bill was already on the way. And now? Thanks to that reckless tax cut (give-away to the wealthy), we started the actual need situation (pandemic) in a completely unnecessary hole and the same people who gave a tax cut to rich people tell us we have to economize when we need what they gave away to the rich in the tax cut. We need people who know how to build – not strip-mine; sustainably build – and manage things for long-term benefit, not short-term profits. Trump doesn't even understand the idea, let alone know how to do it.


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