• Ryan James Carlson

Things I'm looking forward to when Trump is gone

One of the things I'm so looking forward to when Trump is gone is being done with all the toxic, manipulative crap he does all the time. He just said of Dr. Fauci: “he wants to play all sides of the equation.” Guess why, asshole: Because he works for a petulant baby that he has to give a lollipop to every 2 minutes or lose his job, so to serve the country he tries really hard to phrase things in a way that won't make you poop your pants and replace him with renaissance moron Jared Kushner. This constant psycho shit, forcing people to do things, or butter him up, and then framing the stuff that he forces people to do as meaning whatever he wants it to say about them. It's poisonous. It's abusive behavior that warps the whole environment we have to live in ALL THE TIME. Why does anyone put up with this garbage?

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