• Ryan James Carlson

Scene from the United States as a mixed marriage

“I love you, darling. I'm so glad we've finally put all the nastiness behind us. I'm sure you understand that I will keep my statues of the white people who slaughtered, enslaved and in every other way mistreated your ancestors, whose very existence and suffering at my ancestors' hands are ignored, blotted out and mocked by my precious hunks of bronze. It's my heritage. Though I bear no responsibility for their acts or my inheritance of their ill-gotten gains, their glory reflects on me and rightly so, for I bear strands of their DNA. Well, at least someone white does, and we have whiteness in common, which is key – that's what makes it 'ours.' But let's not get bogged down in racial talk, I don't know why some people can never let go of that. Wait, let me just stop you right there before you start speaking – it might anger me by calling into question the righteousness of my continued domination and negation of your existence and an honest reckoning of what happened. By the way, the statues will be in the front room.”

#Racism #ConfederateStatues #WhiteDenial

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