• Ryan James Carlson

President commends gun-toting lunatics who stormed Michigan capitol

I still can't believe that masked men went into a state capitol with murder rifles – how the fuck is that possible, to begin with? – and fucking confederate flags – what? – and fucking swastikas and the Trump said they were “very good people” that the governor should negotiate with and “give a little” to.

If Donald Trump were an artist or a scientist designing an experiment you would have to say he's brilliant: How far can you go in holding up society's racism in front of its face before it cries ‘uncle’? Still going ...

The fact that we are not shocked by this – many people are, but as a society we shrug – shows how conditioned by white supremacy the country is. The bomb-proof sense of entitlement and security inherent in white guys thinking they can go in the capitol building with guns and be listened to!!!, and the way Republican America gives these terror-wielding, ignorant bigots waving the best-known symbols of white supremacy in the world the benefit of the doubt that they are “good people” – what does that signify other than that you can relate to their feelings?! – is so in-your-face racist you have to be catatonic not to see it. Or so immersed in it that you're blind to it.

It's astonishing how much of Trumpism and white-American complicity in it – modern Republicanism – is just plain white rule. Their only concealment is ludicrous denials of what we can see with our own eyes, and the fact that we accept their excuses only shows our complicity. Everything a white person does is “very fine people,” all the resources not only do go to white people but should go to white people, and everything anyone else does is wrong and whiny and ungrateful and illegitimate. A white guy can threaten to shoot you to get what he wants and a black guy can't even ask you not to shoot him. And yeah, that is what we stand for. MAGA.

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