• Ryan James Carlson

If neglect doesn't work, try disinfectant

I've been trying to work out why this disinfectant thing feels like such a knock-out punch. It's asinine and dangerous, but nothing compared to other things he's done. But I can't respect anyone who even tries to defend him anymore. I saw many try today, before Trump made fools of them by saying he was joking. With all the more important things it was always possible to have at least a shred of doubt that that individual person was arguing in bad faith. People can believe falsehoods sincerely. But THIS? No one can claim they don't know ... yet some still do. It's the moment when they finally reveal that they knew the emperor was nude all along. There is no surprise, they don't bat an eye. They just trot out the lies once again. "He was just ... how unfair ... the media ..." Nope. The last remaining molecule of deniability is gone.

#Trump #Disinfectant

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