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George Floyd got killed because he was black

George Floyd got killed because he was black. I wish his family peace, though they won't get it from us, that's for sure.

Every single one of us who is white knows that we are not getting choked to death out of some ordinary interaction with cops. Enough bullshit. This is what Kaepernick was protesting and we all fucking know it. I've had enough of the fucking crapola we all are supposed to pretend is what it isn't. It's embarrassing, ashaming, to be white and be so angered by all this shit that is constantly happening to other people because they're not white, but I am sincerely fucking fed up with all the white-people crap. I'm sick of everything that that fat stupid pig Donald Trump represents, which is basically white people being assholes. Let's face it: It's a movement of assholes. It's all "I'm taking what I can grab and fuck all the rest of you – oh and by the way, since I know this is bullshit but would like to think of myself as a good person, I'm going to blame you for the fact that I'm screwing you."

Who's an SOB?

Colin Kaepernick is a son-of-a-bitch? No – if you think that, you are. Don't fucking tell me that dude isn't good enough to play in the NFL – every fucking person who has ever played or watched football knows that 86-ing a guy who can run and throw like fucking Superman, when you've got these 37-year-old schlub journeymen who were never any good in the first place, has nothing to do with sucking at football. I'm sick of all the individual fucking outrages, but more than anything I'm just so fucking over having to accept these completely bullshit narratives as if they were not complete lies and crap. The fucking FOX News minority of white people have built up an alternate universe of total B.S. and we have to somehow pretend this shit is true along with them. WHY? Why the fuck should we pretend that we think Colin Kaepernick is dissing the flag when we all know damn well that he's got a fucking good reason?! And he's kneeling for fuck sake. You have these fucking white goons terrorizing the fucking capitol building with machine guns and it's this black guy protesting the killing of innocent people who is disrespecting the nation? What a fucking joke.

And why the hell do the rest of us have to pretend like it isn't just plain being an ignorant asshole to refuse to wear a mask and even get angry at other people for wearing them? Listen jerks, if you have covid and cough on me, I could die. That's why I'm wearing a fucking mask for YOU! I'm sick of understanding all this ignorant garbage.

Why do we have to listen to Trump at all? Why do we have to pay any fucking attention to a person who's totally full of shit ALL THE TIME or any of the people who parrot his crap? This is another manifestation of white privilege: You can say whatever ignorant crap you want, it can be the dumbest shit anyone's ever heard, and yet we all have to go "hey man, I respect your opinion and of course you have every right to defend your factually baseless bullshit with a gun in my face and get super angry at everyone who actually fucking did their homework on this subject, and I'm super sorry for being a liberal even though everything that makes your life suck was actually done by the party you voted for ... so go ahead and scream in my face and vote hatefully against me based on lies, I totally get it" ... while all the rest of the world is supposedly a bunch of snowflakes for getting upset about shit that is actually fucking real. If I listened to someone who told me that Martians were stealing my apples, would I have a good point that everyone should listen to and respect as my political platform? – down with Martians! Respect my opinion!

We all have to live in this fucking bullshit world halfway between reality and FOX News and constantly make concessions to people who are 100% full of shit. WHY????? Why do we have to meet people who believe in lies halfway? The truth isn't halfway between "made-up crap" and "what really happened." I'm sick of making concessions to bullshit. If you believe some total bunk because some liar on FOX News, or some fat gormless liar in the White House, said some shit that he doesn't even know or care if it's true, you are an irresponsible person and I don't have to meet you halfway. That courtesy should be reserved for people who actually care enough to do their homework and have enough respect for other people to deal with their reality.

I don't act like that, so why should I excuse you for it?

Let's fucking face it – the Trump-condoning 43% of the country is not doing that. They're not fucking doing their homework or respecting anyone because most of them actually know that if they did the math, the result would be that it's not cool to support a lying asshole who hurts everyone else just because it works for you. The sum works out to be, let me see here ... I'm an asshole, therefore the dog ate my homework. I don't have to accept the basic decency of someone who makes that calculation, do I? Why the fuck should I? I don't act like that myself. And ignorance is no excuse either – who the hell could have missed the fact that Trump is an asshole who mistreats everyone but you? No one. At the end of the day it's just plain being an asshole to accept that and I'm fucking sick of pretending like people are doing something acceptable with that.

George Floyd got killed because he was black. Being black in this country means getting fucked by society from the minute you're born and being a white person who, at this point, is still trotting out the bullshit and dog-whistles and excuses is just a moral failure. We fucking white people need to stop being selfish a-holes and start taking responsibility instead of being grasping jerks trying to hold onto the country's control and wealth while trying to hold onto our self-respect at the same time. It just leads to an epidemic of assholery that we are seeing now. It's Trumpism in a nutshell.

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