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For the life of me

For the life of me I can't understand why there are people who want to open up without more testing. It is technically possible to make the situation much safer – why are people not demanding this? It would bring both safety and public support for what we all want. Don't you people realize that some of you and your loved ones are going to die completely unnecessarily? Don't you care? It's one thing if there's nothing you can do – but we can do something: more testing. We can know who's sick and who may be immune (or if people actually are immune – knowledge is power either way), lower and make manageable the risk to everyone and provide better care to people who are infected. There are tests that work. Are we seriously going to decide that we can't take the time and effort to get information that is possible to obtain to save our own lives? Would any of you in your private sphere make a decision thinking: I could find out how to avoid a serious risk of death, but time is of the essence here!? It doesn't take years to make fucking tests and swabs if you're actually trying.

The US is lagging, and Trump lying, with regard to testing

The US is 42nd (not 1st – 42nd) worldwide in per capita testing. Does anyone believe that the US cannot do as well as 41 other countries in producing and administering tests? (Trump always cites the absolute number, as if that mattered at all when you are not getting the actual job done.) The US has almost 5 times more cases than the next country on the list and almost 40,000 more deaths than any other country - and counting. Is this the best we can do? No, it's not even close.

The only reason we don't already have a massively larger testing capacity is because Trump has, from day one, resisted focusing on testing (for people other than himself) – because from day one he was more concerned about the numbers that would show up if we ramped up testing. It would reveal his failure to act responsibly in each previous step. But does he ever stop and fix it? No. At every step he has made the same calculation again – rather than acknowledge that he screwed up in past steps and that corrections are needed, at each step he shirks responsibility, tries to minimize everything and force all of us to cover for his series of mistakes by pretending like his egotistical laziness is the best we can do. It is possible to do better, right now, and it has been every single day since this started.

We are being asked – forced in many states – to accept a risk of death for no better reason than that Trump has, every step of the way, thought of himself rather than what was right for the country. So some of us have to die because of his pathological egotism and failure to understand that his usual tricks would – obviously – fail and get people killed. Never mind the economy that we are supposed to be saving. That, too, is only as fucked up as it is for the same reason. If Trump had decided in January to take preventive steps, we could be where Korea is right now. If he had done it in February it would have been worse but we would be emerging by now. Fewer people would be dead and shutdowns could have been less severe and less long. Even if he had started in mid-March, when he was finally persuaded to support serious measures that serious leaders were already doing, to build up testing and other capabilities, we would be closer right now to being able to re-start the economy because people could actually have some confidence that they had the knowledge to navigate the risk.

How dare any president ask the public to sacrifice, their lives no less, for the sake of mere convenience?

So again: Why are people not demanding that everything possible – production and logistics, that's it, that are being done better already by 41 other countries – be done to make this work? It is foolishness to argue that we should take life-threatening risks that we don't have to take to cover up for a man whose personal defects are the reason we're so deep in the shit in the first place. Do you really want to take unnecessary risks with your lives just because Trump would rather avoid having to correct his mistakes? Count me out. If you want to persuade me to go out and do something good for the country, persuade dipshit to give us all the tests he finds so important for himself, which he could do quite quickly if he gave a flying fuck. I'm not risking my life to subsidize his ongoing callous, life-disregarding selfishness.

Any president worth his breath would never ask people to risk their lives if he had it in his power to make that unnecessary; any decent president would be creating the conditions in which we feel safe going back to work, not asking us to do it fearfully, with the least possible effort on his part, so we can save his sorry ass.

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