• Ryan James Carlson

Democrats are already running the country

Democrats are leading the country right now. They don't hold the all the levers of power, but Republicans – what are they doing? All of their “plans” are just reactions to what Democrats do or advocate. It's the worst kind of political behavior imaginable – they tacitly recognize that Democrats are providing the right leadership they are themselves incapable of providing, but since that makes Democrats look good and Republicans bad, they attack it anyway. It's destructive, and that is all they offer the country at this point. In control, they serve their own tribe exclusively, and whatever power is held by others, they seek to subvert. Who needs such operators?

The coronavirus is just one of many important policy areas where Republicans could advocate sensible policy – how do Republican voters gain from downplaying a virus or denying climate change? They don't – and still be an alternative to Democrats on other issues their voters care about, but they are incapable of it because they have, for purely political reasons, been telling people for 30 years that everything Democrats say is wrong, communist and/or evil. If your whole political argument is basically that the other guys are wrong, you have no ability to play a good role if they're actually right about something. It's dumb to position your party such that you have to oppose good policy if your opponent is in favor of it.

There are a few Republican politicians left who actually still possess the ability to govern because they don't cede science and reason to the Democrats, but they are not the party's national leaders. The party's leaders, at this point, having lost control of coronavirus policy for the simple reason that ordinary people can see that they are screwing it up for political reasons and Democratic leaders are simply acting rationally, are perversely trying to have it both ways: Accepting the rationality and benefits of policies led by Democrats while attacking the Democrats for it anyway.

We need to understand that this is all that they have to offer us as a country at this point. If Trump wins again (this would probably mean the senate is in Republican hands as well), the people who have maneuvered themselves into this useless position are going to be running the country unchained: governing only for their own tribe and free to live out the anti-science and anti-government mythology that their power-hoarding strategy is based on. And if Biden wins but they still control the senate, they will do the same thing they did under Obama, but with the even-more-shameless brand of corruption they have decayed into under Trump: attempt to regain power by destroying any success that could count as a win for the other side, even if they think it's good policy. Anti-governance.

The country needs better. The coming election has to wash them out of power or the country is not only going to be paralyzed by their destructive nothing-but-politics-all-the-time philosophy, but screwed over by their tired dogmas that destroy the country's competitiveness against everyone who believes in science.

This debacle is a stark picture of the failure of Republican-dogma-based governance and it's only going to get worse unless they are completely swept out and forced to reconstitute under a period of unobstructed good governance.

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