• Ryan James Carlson

A nice Friday-afternoon sprinkle of permanent destruction

Now Trump is pulling the US out of the World Health Organization to cover up his own failure (unsuccessfully, to make it all the more pointless), which will be devastating for the WHO and all the good it does at the worst possible moment and also destroy yet more US prestige and influence. And Trump wants to kick Chinese graduate students out of the US, which also will hurt the US and world peace – much more than it hurts China. This is a message from the US to everyone in the world: Don't come, we're assholes.

I know he doesn't understand anything, but having the smartest people from all over the world come here to study and establish lifelong connections and often stay and pump their brainpower directly into the US is actually beneficial to the US and mutual understanding and friendship throughout the world – go fucking figure. This dumb fucker is going to be destroying shit every Friday (and most other days) until January – now that he sees the rising possibility of losing, he and congressional Republicans are in a mad rush to grab whatever they can get their hands on and destroy everything they can't steal to maintain power undemocratically after losing and hobble their successors. I hope we've all learned our lesson by now ... now that this corrupt moron is doing massive permanent damage. Oh well.

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